Marco Tempest

Video Presentation by
Marco Tempest
on the topic of
Augmented reality
Accompanied by speech from
Dr. Mahmoud Reza Hashemi

Tuesday-May. 29, 2012 (Khordad 9, 1391) - 12:30 PM - Amphitheater of ECE

augmented reality


For the first time after 3 years, ACM cinema started working this may (may 2012). The objective of ACM cinema is to take the students out of they're dull and repetitive daily routine and familiarize them with the new technology introduced to the world every day. 3 short videos were picked by ACM team members and they were put to vote in the faculty of electrical and computer engineering. After counting the 65 income votes Marco Tempest's video about Augmented Reality was chosen as the most popular.
At the start of the show a video from Marco tempest was aired and afterwards Dr. Hashemi , a faculty member at University of Tehran, gave a short speech about the subject in hand. Later Dr. Hashemi introduced the Multi-Media lab to the attending students and gave a motivational speech about the possibilities of using the lab for Augmented Reality projects. At the end of the show another short video from Marco Tempest was aired, and that was the end of the first session of ACM cinema.
ACM cinema's first session was held in the presence of more than 30 students and the videos aired in that session are uploaded on the universities ftp page for students who couldn’t make the session.

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Video of Marco Tempest 1 subtitle

Video of Marco Tempest 2 subtitle

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