Apply [Behzad Golshan]
۱۸ فروردین · Classes

-Behzad Golshan
-Before college I was just a normal student in sampaad school.
-my ranking in national university entrance exam was about 650.
-I’ll send you my files later.

-I decided to continue my education in a foreign country in midsummer. I registered for IBT and GRE exams immediately. I took the TOEFL test in September and took GRE in October. It took me about a month to prepare for those exams.
After taking those exams I started to build a personal website and wrote my resume and SOP and most importantly I started to contact faculty members of the universities I wanted to apply to. It is worth to mention that I did all of those things simultaneously.
In March of 2010 I received my unofficial admission from Boston University.
-Most of the times my emails to the faculty members were not replied. I received only 3 good emails from professors and I think it is pretty random.
-I think it’s a good question. You know if I wanted to apply again, I would still be confused. I think most of the process of applying is not straightforward at all and is different each year. I think applying to more universities will increase your chance to get an admission.
-I got admitted to BU, SFU and Ohio State University with a monthly stipend of 2350$, 1300$ and 1700$ respectively.

-I’m pretty satisfied with my university and I am glad that its improving.
-I recommend the computer science department of BU because of its faculty and fast improvement over the years.
-I am a little homesick obviously!
-If you consider being TA and RA, working, I do have a job.
-I’ve heard that there are plenty of jobs here for CS majors.
-Boston has a somewhat windy climate and cold winters but judging from what I have seen so far I think its weather is close to Tehran.
-I think around 1500$ per month.
-Generally Photonics branch of Electrical Engineering, but in CS I think Human Computer Interaction and Algorithm should be good.
-It’s pretty much like everywhere else, just send in your documents and fill the online application.
-There are a lot of Iranians in Boston but BU itself has about 20 Iranian students.

-I have seen no ACM contests in University of Tehran.