How to Apply? Workshop
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How to Apply?
for all students of faculty of engineering

Sunday - June 28, 2011 (Tir 7, 1390) - 09:30 AM - Faculty of Engineering Amphitheatre

The workshop was started at Tuesday, Tir 7th, 1390, 9:50 A.M. in the central theatre of the school of engineering of university of Tehran and was continued until 2:00 P.M. 235 students was registered to attend this workshop. Due to capacity limitation of the theatre, we could not accept to register any more.

The workshop speakers were from the highest ranked universities of the world in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Civil Engineering fields, though most of them were from the first three aforementioned fields. Also Prof. Mohajerzadeh and Prof. Moradi, two UT ECE department professors, presented a short talk to students.

Finally, all of attendants were invited to a Yahoo group, namely “acm_how_to_apply”. The presentation slides of the workshop were uploaded to the group page.

Besides, 160 poll sheets were received and the results are the following:

1. How was the “How to Apply” workshop?
oExcellent          oGood          oMiddle          oWeak
If we assign numbers 1 to 4 to Weak to Excellent choices, respectively, the result of this question was 3.275/4.

2. How were the workshop speakers?
oExcellent          oGood          oMiddle          oWeak
Average: 3.29/4

3. How was the workshop holding time?
oExcellent          oGood          oMiddle          oWeak
Average: 2.95/4

4. Do you wish to attend a similar workshop in the next year?
oYes                      oNo
122 people were selected the first choice.