Apply [Mahdi Milanifard]
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Mahdi Milanifar
McGill University (for MS and PhD)
Born in Mashhad
Before university: Programming Contests, Robotics, and Khwarizmi Youth Award
Konkour rank: 230
BS GPA: 18.65

The Steps he took in order to apply for his university:
- Searching for a university
- Contacting some of the professors
- Surveying admission possibility
- Applying
- Getting prepared for the GRE and the TOEFL exam at the same time
Some useful experiences: Canadian Universities offer admissions in good conditions and they offer fund as well. Even if you didn't get the fund there's a high possibility that you get it from your professor in the upcoming terms after your admission.
Some informative experiences: applying for universities in the USA is roughly too hard for the MS degree, because they usually don't offer funds for MS degree so beware if you need the fund don't apply for universities in the USA unless for PhD degree.
If I wanted to take the steps of my apply process again I wouldn't change anything except for that informative experience.
I got the admission of the following universities however I didn't get any funds:
Texas Austin University, Rutgers University,
I got the admission and the fund of the following universities:
McGill University, University of Alberta and the EPFL University.

My paper base TOEFL mark was 653 it's equal to 115 in internet base TOEFL .
I got complete mark in Math part of the GRE. I got 400 for verbal. And my percentage in GRE subject was %99.

I'm very pleased of my university.
I suggest applying for McGill University, but beware it requires a high GPA.
My life is better than a mediocre student life and I'm happy with my life.
I don't feel nostalgic.
I don't work fund is far more than sufficient.
It seems that the work market is not bad, but I have no idea.
Canadian people treat very well in almost all over the country.
The weather is cold in the winter and hot and humid in the summer, but it's tolerable.
Unfortunately I have no idea about any other student branches except for ACM.
The money I spend in the month is about 1500 to 2000 Canadian dollars (I spent about 1000 dollars in the first year, but as the fund increased the money I spent increased as well).
Search for apply steps in the McGill university website because it changes every year.
There are a few Iranian students in McGill University. You can find 3 or 4 in each class.
It seems that ACM is active, but not much.
They attend ACM Contests. I don't have much information about ACM student branch activities.
I suggest you to play Ted Talk or any other successful representations for students.
One memory:
The last ten minutes of ACM Contest in 2005 held in Sharif University. Perhaps one of the best chances for University of Tehran to go to the worldwide final contest:
Another memory:
We were told not to play video games in the computer site, but we always did every morning till night and sometimes some nights till morning. We used to play Age of Empires. We also invited students from other universities to play with us (and of course we won every time). One day Ms. Adl Pour (in charge of the computer site) came to me with a wide smile on his face and said: "Someone called from AmirKabir University and asked whether the Age of Empires Competition would be held today or not." :D (Don't blame them they are AmirKabirian :D :P)
A Short Memory
My friends and I were busy playing video games when suddenly Prof. Jobbehdar showed up. Everyone understood and started to act normally except one. Prof. Jobbehdar approached him and got his hand on his shoulder when suddenly that idiot shouted: "Don't drop worms don't you see? I'm under attack" you guess the rest of the story....
A Shorter Memory
One day I told Dr. Lucas that in my Statistics course project I want to prove Dr. Jobbehdar that he should separate Electrical Students and Computer Students when winning the marks on the chart. He bent his neck a little to the left or right and simply answered: "Ok."
God bless him.

-- Interview by Nazanin Razi & Farzin Akbar