AI Contest for freshmen (AI 92)
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The competition was held Friday - Dec. 13, 2013 - from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM and lunch was included. In order to save time, students registered for the competition in groups of four before the competition day and we had all 18 teams with their member names and team tags on tables ready before the competition.

At 8 AM the students were gathering in the computer hall of department and after all participants being present, the game of the competition and its rules was introduced to the students. Each team was provided with a detailed document about the game and a sample bot. After that, all groups had 2 hours to think about the strategy to solve the problem.

At 11 AM a coder was given to each team by random so they can help the team coding their strategy.

The deadline was 12:30. After that, team members had to leave the competition site and go to the lunch saloon till 2 PM. Coders  had the option to stay in the competition site -which they mostly did- or go to lunch with others; At 2 PM coders submitted their coded program to the judges and from then the judging process started in ACM Student Chapter room, near competition site.

All participants gathered in the competition site for the second part of competition. The competition got started at 3 PM. In this part AI agent codes competed against each other and the competition was shown on the wall using a projector while the result was projected on to another wall with another projector.

At the end of the competition, the four members of the winning team and team coder were each presented from Student Chapter.

In addition to that all of the participants and staff got a memorial gift. This was given to participants at the end.