What are ACM and ACM Student Chapter?

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ACM hosts the computing industry's leading Digital Library and Guide to Computing Literature, and serves its global members and the computing profession with jouals and magazines, conferences, workshops, electronic forums, and Online Books and Courses.Hundreds of ACM Professional and Student Chapters provide opportunities for networking on a local level.

University of Tehran ACM Student Chapter

University of Tehran ACM Student Chapter was charted by the action of the Membership Activities Board of the Association for Computing Machinery on Jan. 10, 2001.
UT ACM Student Chapter is a group of dedicated people who are interested in exploring the possibilities of computers and leaing more about how to use and develop them. UT ACM student chapter is made up of several interacting components (committees). Some of them are mentioned below:

  •       •Student Chapter Moderation Committee
  •       •ACM Programming Contest Technical Committee
  •       •ACM AI Contest Committee
  •       •ACM journal Committee
  •       •ACM Seminar & Workshop Committee
  •       •ACM Software Bank members

All ACM activities are open to the entire University community, regardless of computer experience and background.

History of ACM student chapter of University of Tehran

ACM student chapter of University of Tehran began its activity on 2001/1/10 as the first ACM student chapter in Iran.

The motivation of forming this chapter is to promote knowledge level of computer students in different areas of computer science. Cooperation with students who have creative ideas in different scientific programs, encouraging them to pursue their ideas, and helping them to improve the ideas is another goal of creation of such a chapter.

Moderation of this student chapter needs one supervisor and usually about four students to communicate with university and coordinate different programs of the chapter. These four or five students are chosen by an election that is held in May every year. The candidate students need to introduce themselves as a team to participate in the election. In the last four years of its activity, there has always been at least one woman in the moderation group.

This chapter is currently known as the scientific chapter of computer engineering department of university of Tehran.

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