The Gatherings
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University of Tehran faculty of computer engineering has many talented students in various fields in addition to course materials. One of the best ways to exchange this knowledge is that students share their studies with other students. UT ACM chapter has created a weekly event called “Wednesday Gathering” in which senior students try to share their information about different fields that they have learned with freshmen and juniors.Another purpose of these meetings is for new students to get to know the chapter and it’s activities. Some of the subjects discussed in these events were “Startups”, “A Practice with Computer Networks” and other chapter activities.


Summer of Code
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Summer of Code is an event held every summer since 2013. In this program students and mostly freshmen work together in teams of 4 to 8 with a mentor who is a senior student; This helps new student to know senior students and talk to them about different fields. Teams work on different projects designed by teachers, students and graduates, teams should manage smartphone app development, front-end and back-end development. In the end successful projects get a prize and are introduced to University of Tehran for future support.

Summer 2014 ACM Rings
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Rings are some opportunities to make the process of transferring knowledge from experts to interested students easier. Ring is a type of class in which concentration is on a specific subject and interested students are selected for further activities in that field. The unilateral relation between teacher and student conversed to reciprocal relation in these classes. To be more efficient, a project is defined in each class, so participants could become familiar with the subject in a practical manner.


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